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1998 Mustang Cobra Power Mirror Wiring

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Does anyone know what the 3 wires are supposed to be. I'm installing aftermarket power mirrors, but I have no clue what the factory wires are. I have a haynes and chiltons, but I can't find the info in either other than 'listen to your mirrors, if the motor sounds bad, replace the mirror', so any help would be appreciated.

Factory Mirror Wiring:

Left Side - Right Side

Red - Yellow

Blue - Green

Yellow - Purple

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i think they should just be plug and play....i had to replace the passenger side mirror and when i took out the old one, the wires were all grouped into this clip that you plug into a receiving end (for lack of better term).....all i had to do was unscrew and remove the door panel, remove the 460 speakers and replace the mirror.....try section chapter 11, page 12 in your haynes manual....section 11 is body and item 22 is sideview mirror install and removal....good luck
well the aftermarket power mirros had no harness... just 3 wires coming out of it... w/ different colors and all... so after some plug-play trial... I was finally able to get them to work... along w/ the built-in LED Turn Signal Indicator (that just connected to the front turn-signal wires)... :-D thanks for the help though


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but what turn signal wires hook up to the led wires is what i want to know
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