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1998 Mustang GT drive shaft rattling noise

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Hello I am hoping for some help on a problem that has recently occurred to my mustang. I have been noticing a loud rattling under my car when I am slowing down, or going in reverse. It seems like it is coming from the directly under my seats and like right where the transmission ends. I dont think its the tranny because it shifts fine and smooth and doesnt slip at all. I also turned the car off and rolled it down a hill in neutral forwards and backwards and the noise still happened. It seems to happen as soon as i let off the accelerator to come to a stop then it completely stops once i have stopped. Ive looked under the car twice and didnt really see anything that grabbed my attention. Although i did discover my driver side rear sway bar bracket broke off so it shakes a little but it could not be possibly causing the noise i am hearing now.

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Im in no sort financial state to take it to an auto mechanic so I have a DIY on my hands. If you have any questions or need any more information please let me know! Thanks!
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I would check the drive shaft universal joints. It's not uncommon to only hear then when slowing down. The bolts holding the universal to the rearend could be loose or the universal itself could have bad bearings inside of it.
First check your bolts, then I could remove the universal joints.. YouTube this if you don't know how. Easier to watch a video than explain.
okay i will try that. Thanks!
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