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1998 Mustang GT electrical problem ?

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Removed & replaced the Radiator in my 1998 GT , now I have the following problems :
1 - L/H headlight only goes on very dim , R/H is OK .
2 - L/H turn signal blinks twice as fast as the R/H side .
3 - ABS light is now on .

Any suggestions would be appreciated .

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Check the grounds around the radiator core support. There are several. Focus first on the left side.
Thanks for your reply . You had the problem diagnosed correctly . When taking off the rad , I removed the ground bolt just in front of the battery . Reinstalled it , but had the problem . Today I took it off again to clean & saw one wire haging loose . Should have had 2 wires under the bolt .

Thanks , Rob:bigthumbsup
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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