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1998 Mustang GT runs rough sometimes

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My sons 98 GT runs rough once in awhile. it seems to do it at highway speeds it will start bucking and jerking. if you drop down a gear it goes away under accelaration. the idle will fluctuate a few 100 rpms sometimes as well. changed the fuel filter going to do plugs and wire tonight. it seems like it all started when he was driving in reall hevy rain acouple night ago and water just poured in his cervini air inducted hood the filter was soaked. replaced filter and blocked off the opening for the air induction.

I thought it would stop once it dried out but has not.

any thoughts ? thanks JOHN
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another thing we did was go from an off road h pipe to a Bassani catted X pipe. I dont know what that would affect though.

just went to autozone and had a scan done,

p 1151 lack of 02 sensor bank 2 sensor 1

p1152 lack of 02 sensor bank 2 sensor one ecm detected its at its rich limit

p0420 catylist efficiency bank 1

p 1443 evap canister purge valve mechanical fault

any thoughts?
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THANKS Randy for your help. are those code for the front 02 sensors ?

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