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1998 Mustang: questions on vacuum system components

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I was just wondering if anyone knows which parts of the vacuum system are safe to cap and eliminate on a 1998 v-6 Automatic Mustang. I know I can dump and PCV and eliminate the EGR system but I'm not sure what the Thermastor Air Diverter/bypass solenoids are for or why it has some sort of vacuum reservoir.

My goal is to eliminate the entire emissions system as well as any other systems that aren't absolutely necessary.

Any information about what does what in the vacuum system or what's safe to eliminate is greatly appreciated.
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Your best bet is to get a service manual with a good description of the vacuum components and hose routing....Some stuff you might need in order to keep the car running properly....I will assume you don't have emissions testing and its going to be a track car only? Good luck!!
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