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1998 mustang v6 converting to dual exhaust

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I have a manual 1998 v6 and I'm going to convert it to a dual exhaust. Does anyone know if this will hurt the performance of the engine, hurt gas mileage, possibly damage the engine, and any other possible issues. I'm putting a catted x-mid pipe thats 2.5" in diameter that's made by pypes. The catback I'm putting on is the flowmaster american thunder with super 44 series mufflers. Any information will be great.
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I work at an auto shop so I was planning on doing it with help from a tech.
I would have used an H-pipe but the site I ordered from only had the x-pipe for the v6.
1998 mustang v6 exhaust

Does anyone know the stock diameter of the exhaust pipes of the 1998 mustang v6?
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