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I am new to this forum but I have taken the time to read a lot of similar post and although there have been a lot of good solutions to other problems none have helped me figure out my problem do I decided to post a question in hopes that some one can help me! When I put my key into the ignition, it just loosely and freely turns not catching at all. When I turn the key as far as possible, the emergency brake light comes on for a second. The battery light stays on at all times and does not turn off. The theft light blinks on and off sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I lifted the hood and disconnected the battery yesterday and if I leave the positive cable on the post but I remove the negative cable and then reconnect it, it makes some noises under the hood. I went and bought a new battery today and still nothing. I started to pull apart the steering column and everything appears to be fine. I tested the alternator and its fine. I think it might be a PATS problem but I've read other threads that lead me to believe otherwise. Someone please please please help me! I am far from a mechanic so please use terms that I might understand lol
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