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1999 Mustang GT Kevin from PA

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I've never been a stranger to the forums as they always come in handy but just decided to join. I'm Kevin :wavey and Mustangs have always been in my family as my father owning over 40 in his lifetime mostly between 64-69 and his last being the 1994 cobra official indy pace car. I've had 3 mustangs a 1999 silver automatic convt GT a 2009 v6 GT 350 clone and now I'm back to a White 1999 5 speed GT. Im constantly working on hear and making improvements as my budget allows (poor college kid) but I have a huge passion for them and i don't see it ending any time soon. My white GT i bought with a blown motor with intention to put in the 4.6 DOHC cobra motor. I looked all over for 32 valve in(Aviatiors,Mark VIII, and Mercury Marauder's) but ever one i found the price was just not right. I ended up finding an 02 4.6 Windsor with 70k that i picked up for $700 which I dropped in August of 2011 and immediately got her on the road. Ive been having some little issues with her recently dealing with the cpm/ecu/eec and i hope to find some help and answers. :scared I will try to post some pics of my stangs shortly as they are to big to be attached.
I look forward to learning valuable tricks and things from the vets, getting to know everyone, and even helping out myself.
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