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1999 mustang v6 upgrade advice

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hey im just wondering what i should do to my 1999 v6?
i would like to add some horsepower and just wondering what the bang for my buck would be?
i already have CAI which will be installed soon, any other ideas?
i do not know too much about this sort of thing, it is my first car and i would like to have some fun with it.
any advice for me?
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Get a tuner...good stuff
yes tuner!

and gears with t loc
no power gain ( actuly a slight decrease) but better acceleration!

exaust and then maybe beef up the internals for a bottle?
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I would definitely do the gears and J-Mod if your car is an automatic. Intake spacers add over 7ft/lbs of torque and 5HP.
Go with a tuner, gears and t-lock and underdrive pullies, tuner will be able to modify your timing, fuel, and if you have an auto firm the shifts up a little bit, gears will help you get into your rpm range quicker I have and auto with a 4.10 gear and love it still get 27MPG on the highway doing about 70, and the underdrive pullies will reduce the load off of the pullies by replacing the 7 in crank pullie with a 5 in one. with those mods you will have some fun with.
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Start with the basics as said previously...
Dual exhaust
Lower gears for acceleration
Underdrive pulleys
Suspension - rear swaybar, poly bushings, shocks/struts, coils
Engine mods from SSM
This is my order of upgrades. Standard? updgrade shifter. Some people have problems with the 2-3 shift with the factory shifter.
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Go with a tuner, gears and t-lock

everyone seems so say go tuner and gears.. how would i go about doing that? and what is t-lock??? what kind of gears do i go with??? and yes it is manual
well i did some browsing about gears, and what would be better for me 3.73 gears? or 4.10 gears? or is it even possible to get 4.10's on my v6?
what kinda price would i be looking at?
ok heres a good start

get your CAI on

go to your local muffler shop and get them to make an h-pipe and put on GT take off catbacks and any mufflers, magnaflow or flows are popular but no pipping bigger than 2.5 because you will lose back pressure. my setup cost around $500 for everything

get a tuner, sct makes good ones

get t-lok (traction lock) it makes you spin both tires when burning out not just the right one:bigthumbsup then get gears, 3.73 or 4.10 both will work aslong as they are for a v6 or a 7.5" rear end or option two is to get a gt's rear end (8.8) that already comes with t-lok and just add gears, you can get one off the internet or at a local junkyard for a few hundred bucks

once you get there you will prolly have read enough on this site to know what you really want out of you car and if your going FI or not. good luck modding your stang if you have any questons just ask and someone will always help you:D
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here's my favorite mustang parts website
they actually answer the phone when you call them, unlike most other sites on the internet:hihi:
thanks a lot cody, makes everything make sense
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