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1999 Mustang V6 versus MKV Jetta

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Last night my friend wanted to race me. We know this good road that once it gets past 9 pm nobody goes on it, so we went there a bit later. We went from a 30 roll 3 times, and i won each time by 2-3 car lengths. For all of you preachers, we were only doing a max of 70 in a 45.... so please don't take over this thread lol. we also went from a dig and i pulled hard on him there too. just some friendly racing, glad to finally have a kill :bigthumbsup
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good kill, but my guess is that it wasnt the turbo model or vr6? by the way..... people are still gonna get on here and preach so just wait for it.... "and the lord said thou shall not street race":nono:... just kidding.
haha yeah it was the 2.5 unfortunately. but my friend does have a 2.0t cc and i think he wants to run them soon.. so we'll see how i can do against that :bigthumbsup
let us know how it goes then.
that will do lol
good kill nothing wrong with a lil fun every now and then
yeah we kept it safe, made sure that no cars were coming when we started. good clean fun :bigthumbsup
from 30 to 70 and you got him by 2-3 lengths?? was he standing still or going backwards :rollgrin:
i know right?? it's hard to believe, i know lol but it's true. he does have an automatic and it's the slowest engine for the jetta so that could be part of it lol
Well now he wants to buy a Mustang right.?:winks
haha most likely, can't blame him :rollgrin:
haha most likely, can't blame him :rollgrin:
+1 on that. i used to have a jetta 1.8 turbo and i sold it 2 get my cobra, id never go back.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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