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1999 Spark Plug Change, Could anyone provide a "step by step?"

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I just bought 6 NGK G power platinum spark plugs, and i'm planning on changing my old ones. Not sure when they were last changed because I bought the car used, so thought I would do it in the days to come. I was literally about to dive in, with a socket set alone and change my plugs.

I did some research and saw that its not as simple as that, there is anti-sieze fluid involved, torque wrenches, and sometimes applying carberator clearner and other liquids on the spark plugs before removing them? Also i heard you're supposed to clean out the holes with compressed air?

The point is, it's not as easy as just swapping them, and I know that messing this up would lead to problems ahead so I'm asking this forum and all you V6ers,

Can you give me a quick step by step set of instructions on how to change my spark plugs?
Including a set of tools that I will need. The last thing I want to do is mess anything up on my beautiful mustang.

Thank you everyone!
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Also I heard of people having problems if the plugs aren't spaced enough?
This is a fairly straight forward job if you just take your time....I am unsure of the gap on these plugs maybe .60 that information might be under the hood on the emissions sticker unless someone ripped the sticker off...The intake duct has to come off otherwise its not too difficult...Some people use some sort of anti-sieze on the plugs but that is just personal preference....Look in a manual or maybe youtube if you want more information...Good luck!!
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it's not complicated at all, all you need is a spark plug socket, some anti seize and dielectric grease for in the plug wire boots to promote conduction and prevent corrosion. do one plug at a time, take off the wire stick the plug socket on it unscrew it, put a dab of anti seize on the plug threads, hand thread it into the plug hole being sure not to cross thread it. once it's threaded in, use your socket wrench to tighten it. Just make it firmly snug, not too tight because the heads are aluminum and you can tear out the threads.
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Ok so no torque wrench is needed then?
go ahead and borrow one if you don't want to eyeball it.
You could use a torque wrench if you want, but they can also deliver a wrong reading, if there's dirt/ corrosion/ gunk in the spark plug threads in the engine. When it gets snug (ie: cannot be loosened by hand, but where there's just a bit of light force that's needed to loosen it or tighten it with the spark plug wrench) that's good enough.
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