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1999 v6 exhaust

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Im sure this has been said many times before...but im wanting true duels...anyway i was wondering would these two things work the h pipe and the rest of the exhaust? they need to be catted but does anyone recomend a different h pipe, even an X pipe.

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Okay thanks so the h pipe need the exhaust connectors?
Okay i have another question that im not so clear about, i under stand i need the h pipe and the gt catback but my question is "to be clear, you NEED the adapter" are you talking about the h pipe or is there another adapter your talking about.

what i got so far is that the h pipe will fit on my stock exhaust to make it true duels and the h pipe will take away the stock y pipe from the cats? im just making sure i got this.
thanks ill post it up when i get them
Thanks mark i understand what your saying now...and mike i'll go to a few local shops to compare and we'll see but as far as craiglist none in my area.
well i went to two muffler shops...the first one i went to they wanted $225 with out mufflers. so thats pretty reasonble. the second shop i went to wanted $405 that included everything. but it was glass pacs and i hate the sound of those on a v6...
the first one the $225 said he'll leave the stock pipe on the one side.
im in the big city of missouri lol
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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