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1999 v6 exhaust

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Im sure this has been said many times before...but im wanting true duels...anyway i was wondering would these two things work the h pipe and the rest of the exhaust? they need to be catted but does anyone recomend a different h pipe, even an X pipe.

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link one is not what you want.. you want link 2 and a catback designed for a v8. it needs the 2 exhaust connectors on it
yes look at the picture, see the two small pipes on the left side with the flares on the right sides of them? those will bolt up to the 2 flanges on the h-pipe adapter. to be clear, you NEED the adapter the current mid-pipe has only one connector because the two banks of the exhaust come together to one single pipe. the adapter is there so you cut that part off of the mid-pipe and kind of splice in the h-pipe part. after you do that you can use any GT style exhaust, swap in whatever mufflers you want and all youd need extra is the exhaust hangers for the right side of the car
what you're calling the h-pipe is the adapter.. a real h-pipe is way bigger and completely replaces the entire mid-pipe currently on the car (the part that goes from headers to cat-back and includes the catalytic converters).

this adapter, the second link from the first post, attaches to your stock mid-pipe(after cutting a bit of it away) and lets you put the GT-style cat-back in. got it?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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