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1999 V6 Mustang Loose Steering

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My mustang is my first car and I am having the distinct pleasure of learning everything the hard way with this vehicle. I have noticed over the past month and a half that the steering is gaining play slowly but steadily. I just noticed last night that I turned the wheel360 degrees. I am not comfortable with this change considering how much tighter the steering was when I purchased this vehicle 1 year and seven thousand miles ago. Have I been neglecting some maintenance?
I have been reading and am well aware that it could be a variety of factors. I recently had my lower ball joints replaced. The tires are not a problem. My power steering fluid is at exactly the level it should be. I read that struts can cause issues with steering. I was told by a shop the last time I got my brakes changed that I might want to replace my struts. At the time I just assumed they were trying to get me to have them do more work on my car.
Being a college student and not having had what you might call "money" lately, I haven't gotten to my struts yet, though I will shortly. I was wanting to know, bearing in mind the time frame over which this has happened, if it is likely to be the struts? If not, what is it most likely to be? Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!
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the ball joints can affect the steering. the strut mounts can do it too. if you get new struts have them replace the mounts too
I had considered that. I had also considered that it might be my power steering pump malfunctioning. I took it in to a shop earlier and they assured me it was normal for a vehicle that has 100k + miles. If all else fails, I might allay someone else's similar concerns who also has a mustang over 100K miles.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! :D
hey i have 112k on mine. i just got it a couple month ago tho so i havnt had any time to notice anything like that i guess. i just went through and fixed anything that was wrong and did all the maintainence on it right after i bought it
I would do the same if I could, but I'm a 20 yr old college kid, no money and no garage to speak of. and nobody I know who's mechanically inclined to bum tools from. lol
i know the feeling. i just finished school 6 months ago. luckily for me it was automotive school and i work at a garage
yea, I'm workin on a business degree. lol There will be no such luck for me. I will just be lucky in that I'll be able to afford paying to get more work done. lol
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