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1st... 2nd?... 3rd

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I've never seen this problem with any car I've driven before. Mind you, I've never driven something as beautiful as a 'Stang. I'll try and describe the problem as best as I can.

Basically, she won't shift into second gear. I'll cruise in first gear, get up to about 20-25 MPH and try to shift into second. Needless to say, she doesn't shift without grinding the gears. Now, if I'm sitting at a stop light or coming to a halt and I try and ease her into second, there is no problem! That speed ranges at or below 10 MPH. If I try and shift any into any other gear while moving at speeds upwards of 30 MPH or greater, I have no problem, not even first! Second gear is the only gear that drags and will not allow me to shift into her.

If I am sitting somewhere with the Vehicle off and I try to shift it into second with the clutch depressed, it works. It is only when I am moving that she will not shift into second.

I can go First then skip to third.

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sounds like a worn sycronizer or blocker ring
I am going to have to drop the transmission to put a new main seal on it.

Unfortunately, I'm not too knowledged on Transmissions. Hopefully, I can have a friend stop in and give me some help.

Any other ideas?
Check your tranny fluid, sounds like someone might've put gear oil in it - they actually take auto tranny fluid. It's a common mistake.
Bad Synchro

I've rebuilt a T-5 before and I'm in the process of rebuilding a Tremec 3550. IT is definititly a bad synchro. You can shift into second while stopped becuase it's low RPMs. You see, the synchro is a brake so that the teeth on the gears can engage a low RPMS. Good luck trying to smoothly get it in gear while those things are spinning fast. The synchros actually slow down and stop the gear from spinning until you get the gear engaged. Each gear has it's own synchro so this explains why your 3rd, 4th, and 5th work just fine. 2nd gear synchro is always the 1st to go. then 3rd, but rarely 4th or 5th. Rebuild isn't brain sugery, but does require special attention and some mechanical knowledge. There are some good rebuilds links if you're considering. Email me if you need any help or have any other questions.
Have you checked to make sure that your clutch cable is pulling the clutch fork completely when you press the pedal?
try double clutching as a short term synchros went a long time ago for 3rd i gotta double clutch into it
Thanks for the help guys. It definately isn't the clutch.

A drop is soon to come!
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