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2.3 mustang cold air intakes on ebay!

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hey everyone i just found one of the things we have all been lookig for. there is a company on ebay that is making a cold air intake for 87-90 2.3 mustangs. they are $19.99 american with $20.00 s/h. just look under ford mustang intake and you will find them. im getting ready to buy one right now.:clap
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Please let us all know how it works for you.

dont wory i will! i cant wait, i just got my maf and injectors today and my flowmaster should be here tomarrow, the intake dont know about yet, gonna have to mod it to fit a 93, but i should have a pretty noticable gain in power and sound by the end of the week:drool:
So how did it work?
its awesome, i had to get a coupler for my mass air but that didn't cost much, but it sounds mean, its a must have, much better air flow than my home made one:)
So how about a link to the auction.
just go to ebay, put in "ford mustang air intake" and you should find some. here is one of the auction numbers 8005163503. trust me its worth it, and if you have mass air, just go to you local part shop and get an air filter adapter and a coupler for it, thats what i did put me back like $15 bucks.:)
is the seller legit?


hondahunter, did you pay through paypal or what? I really want to buy a cold air intake for my 2.3 stang but i am kinda skeptical about this seller with all his bad feedback. How long did it take you to get the intake? Any info on this seller would be greatly appreicated. thanks
i used paypal, i always use that, because they back up what you buy, if its not what you ordered or you never get it, they will get you your money back. they got me a full refund from some guy that sent me a frickin rock one time, when i had ordered a water pump and they took real good care of me. it took me about a week to get my intake no problems, quick easy transaction, and it was just as pictured and described.
Ok guys, so if I get this thing what do I do with the two sensor plugins and and the hose going to the vacuum system out of the top of the air cleaner?

I have a 93 mustang lx 2.3 - how can I make this part work?
wont work

it wont work with a 93 the 93 has a sensor u will need to get an intake with the sensor on it
wanna_blaz3 said:
it wont work with a 93 the 93 has a sensor u will need to get an intake with the sensor on it
Hondahunter93 does own a '93 Mustang and managed to mod the intake to work.

Anyways, I would like to know if you can please post pictures of your finished product Hondahunter, because my friend is planning on buying this intake for a friend of ours (christmas). Our friend owns a '93 Mustang LX 2.3L and he would love an air intake for his car.

well pictures i cant do right now, but will as soon as i can, but basicly here is how you do it. you have to get a air intake coupler for your mass air meter cost about 10bucks and a mass air meter adapter cost about 20bucks, the sensor you can just let hang there it may make you check engine light come on but thats about all, it wont hurt anything mines been off for over a year, as for the vacume hoses just plug them off. minee works fine i havnt had any trouble with it, it just cost a little more to make it work on mass air cars. hope this helps
or you could get the coupling and attach that to the turbo, run a 90 into a sheetmetal box using 2.5"-3" pvc tubing from hareware store :dunce: we did that on the b230 engine.
Here is mine...

Let me know what you think, It helps It a little bit, I put a K&N filter on @ the same time, so there is a little boost there...

the ebay cai for the 2.3 is useless. you will get the same gains by removing the silencer from the stock air intake, and putting a k&n in place of the original filter. the ebay cai that you posted, is just a short ram intake with an aftermarket filter sucking in warm air from the engine. the only way that will make any performance gains is by rerouting it into the fenderwell away from all the engine heat.
here are some pics. finally got my camera fixed.
this one is from a 95-99 civic. you will need the stock mass air to air box rubber connection. and you will have to cut the lower peice in half because it is too long, you will also need an air filter adapter $6 at parts store. use rubber listed above for your throttle body connection, put your sensor in the hole on the under side of the pipe ( may have to bore hole out a lil bit for perfect fit, i did) if you have mass air you will have to use the air filt. adpt. to connect the pipes together, just bolt mass air and adapter together. use the supplied couplers to connect the pipes onto the sensor and adapter. cut the 2nd pipe in 2 right in the middle. you only need half of it, and run that into the oval shaped hole in your fender, mount your air filter and your done. if you have a pre 91 you wont need the adapter, but you will probally still need to cut the pipe. also there is some kinda hose on the top, you won't need it so just plug it off, i connected mine to a strut tower bolt. works awsome and i really notice a power increase. i paid like $40 all together for everything, bought the intake on ebay.:winks


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