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Can i beg your assistance as one car enthusiast to another. I recently bought a 2.3l sports boat which has a similar engine to the mustang 2.3l sohc n/a. The boat requires a cylinder head as the current unit is cracked. I have had a good offer for a remanufactured unit in the UK, but would just like to see if somebody out there has one or knows where to find one?

The cylinder head model is a e6ze, e5ze, e59e & e68r.

I have had a few offers of salvage heads in america, but have not got a clue on how to get them back? If somebody can offer contact details for a courier who could collect and deliver or collect and deliver from a US port or airport i would be extremely grateful?

Any other advice would be appreciated.

I am a great fan of forums and would be delighted if somebody could pen two or three lines to help me,

Thank You,

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