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2.3L turbo foxbody build

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hey everyone. i just got the last part in the mail and i am ready to start my build. just wanted to know what you guys thought my build and if anyone had any ideas for additions or any tips. also anyone want to take a stab at projected hp?

Motor out of a 88 thunderbird turbo coupe
high performance turbo header
Forge Motorsport FMDVRSA - Type RS Valve - Atmospheric BOV
Turbo Joe Racing Billet Fuel Rail
and SX Adjustable Regulator Package
Front Mount Intercooler Kit for Fox Body Vehicles (stinger)
Billet Aluminum Water Pump
Hi-Volume oil pump
Windage tray
upgraded fuel pump
Fidanza Billet Aluminum Flywheels
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
Stainless Steel Waterlines
custom 3" exhaust
computer out of the turbo coupe
aluminum rad with dual flex light fan

in the future i would like to get a cam kit and some nice injectors ... but i just don't have the funds right now.

thanks for any input!.
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Some comments/recommendations:
1. Get rid of the hi-volume oil pump. It is unneccesary, and it will strip out distributor gears left and right. It puts a strain on the distributor, and the standard stock style pump will do just fine.
2. The Fidanza flywheels have been causing some folks fits due to balancing issues. The only reason I mention this is, if you have a vibe problem after the build that wasn't there before, look there first.
3. You will need the EFI harness from the TC as well
4. You will only need UP TO 42 lb injectors with a 88 TC EEC. Anything more than that will be pig rich and will cause the car to under-perform. I assume you have an LA or LB series computer? Check over on turboford with "caroth" for injectors. He sells them at good prices.
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