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2.3s dont suck :)

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06 is going to fun with the Holset!

I am going with a home made log center mount.

I hope to fit the HY just as it comes no messing around, move the Turbo ahead so the stock exhaust elbow out the back fits nice with the car.

I think a center mount log may help spool but who knows its all about a nice fit. I plan to leave the compressor outlet pointing down and foward to the FMIC, maybe go under the sway bar mount to keep it open and clean looking.

Here i made up some flanges and few extras for a few friends. Now to get some 1 1/4 elbows get going :)

The front shot looks good, what ya think?

Here is the start of the FMIC i also plan to build a SS foward facing upper intake with 3" and 3.8 SC TB.(thanks Tom)

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Hey man looks good so far drop some more pic's as you go,good choice of color on the car too. 90LX hatchback2.3 /93 rag top 2.3 ,love them both.
:laughlitt Awesome job! I like the asperation routing for two reasons,the piping is out of the way of the normaly maintained parts,and you should have awesome cooling with the location of the intercooler. I also noticed a automatic tranny should be good for another 0.20sec,cant wait for the ET,s good luck.
Hey looks like we are working with almost the same car, I wish I could afford to park mine to do a little of the major fixes that I want to do. My wife drives our 93 conv. and my other ride is a 94 F350 (351W all Canadian built) with167,000 miles and still eats bowties for breakfast:laughlitt ,but my 90LX hatchback is dark blue ext. with the same blue int. as youre's,I did use a navy blue carpet when I replaced mine I mostly work on it on weekends hopefully I will have some pic's later. Keep on going, looks good .
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