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Hi i'm looking to spend 2 grand on parts/labor. Now that everyone has started modding thier GT i'm looking for some input on a good package to go with. All input is greatly appreciated. BTW this is my daily driver.


There are so many products out there now from throttle bodies to propeller spinning exhaust pipes for you.

Go with time proven bang-for-buck mods.

Cold Air Intake (many brands, just ensure you get a K&N filter cone with it)
Hi-Po tune, may be MATCHED to your CAI (Predator or XCAL II)
Rear gears (4.10 stick; 3.73 Auto)

Right there you are under $2k including install and have transformed your Pony into a much snappier ride, probably about 290 rwhp stick.

Additional thoughts;

Long Tube Headers
Steeda Underpullies
Cat/ Axle backs
Charge Motion Plate Deletes

At that point you will be appx 315-320 rwhp, all naturally aspirated.

From there, you can go;

Heads port/ polished-springs
Forged internals

You will need $$$ for these and can get upwards of 450-550+ rwhp depending on the boost to go with the internals upgrade. You will then want clutch/ flywheel, driveshaft loops, roll cage, launch suspension upgrades, ET drag rims/ tires.

The cool thing is, every single above mod is a thread topic in these forums.

Happy Searching and have fun.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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