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2 Valve Kenne Bell

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I just want to know your guys take the two valve Kenne Bell superchargers. I am trying to piece together my build. I have a 2002 GT. I wanted to know if I should just rebuild my engine and get this or if I should look into building an engine or swapping a Termi in. Opinions please! Thanks in advance.
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How would you forge the top end? Can you clarify?

When it is said "forge the bottom end" is means forged crankchaft, forged rods, forged pistons... the top end is referred to as the heads, cams, intake...which are not ever referred to as being "forged"...
It all depends on the cams you choose to run. You can keep it all stock and be fine up to 500+whp.

Plenty of people run stock top ends pushing a lot of power. That's what's great about a supercharger, it forces air in :)

Are you planning on a different cam? Are you going to get your heads worked on? Do you want to upgrade to different heads (Trickflow...very pricey)...

What is the budget for your build anyway? and Power goals?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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