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20" Tires & Rims for 2005 Mustang GT Convertible

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Just got my first mustang (05 gt vert)..Just installed a light bar shooting or rims tires.

Someone you guys reccomend (dealer~~websites etc) any financing 90 days same as cash or just cash...Sorry to sound so cheaP.

Ive only had the car 5 days and have spent $800 already LOL.

Thanks for any help.
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go to a local tire and rim shop. discount tire is close to where i live. and ask about payment options and if there isnt such choice then try barganing with the owner/manager. A good negotiation couldnt hurt

NOTE: you cannot bargain with major franchises or companies like autozone or firestone because their prices/ payment options are limited and STRICT
you can still feel free to try this. there is always people out there willing to help
Your first Mustang!...Congrats!

Hold your breath,take your time on getting a set of wheels.There are many combos to choose from and many website vendors offering killer deals w/free shipping.Take some time and check out your search engine here on different type wheel and tires combos.Plus there is e-bay and Craig's list.
I agree with Jdom, Discount Tire is pretty good. They price matched my tires because I brought print outs from sites that were cheaper. And congrats on the Mustang!
I still think that 20 inch rims for a retro styled Mustang are too big. 18 inch are the biggest I would go to keep the "muscle car" look.

There are some 20s that I have seen on here that look good, but overall I think 18s are the best for this car.
congrats on the purchase!

(btw, i think my 20's are just right!)

+1 on Poco's comments though. It's a critical purchase, one that will be with ya for a long time! The down side to the 20's is finding a good tire place to work with them. At least, here that is a problem. Most outfits here can't work with such large rims. I had a flat and it took me a long time to find someone i could trust to pull the rubber off, and remount them.
20's are a little big. They look nice but you will lose some ride comfort. The advantage to 17's and 18's is that so many companies make them for the Mustang there is more compatition. try:

1999-2004 Mustang Wheels at - Free Shipping!

I was able to find rims and tires for less than the local shops wanted for just the rims.
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