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Good afternoon all:

I am new to this forum. I have three Mustangs, a 1967 still under construction, this will be a restomod with a 5.0, 5 spd, disc brakes, A/C, etc. Also own a 1986 Mercury Capri McLaren conv. Need new brakes, then ready to go. The question I have today concerns my wife's daily driver 2000 GT. The ABS light stays on after startup. I have cleaned the sensors and the reluctor wheels. One sensor was bent so I straightened it. light went out for a little while then came back on and stays on. I put my code reader to work, however no codes. What's next? Check the resistance of the sensors? If so where is the location of the ABS module?


I forgot to add that this car has Traction control. The light on the switch is lit to "off"

Welcome to AFM! Those are some fun toys it sounds like you have... I'd love to see some pics of the McClaren!

Let me move this to the 4.6 section for you and get you some help with your question.

Thanks for joining!
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