Mileage:57000 M
Engine:4.6 (281ci)
2000 GT
Vin: 1FAFP42X1YF265922
Laser Red Coupe
281ci 4.6L
T45 5 Speed Manual
Mach 460 Sound
Car has sat for a long time, when I say that.. About 15 years. Got the car when I was 16, drove for a-little while but was not a daily so had plans on being the cool kid who wanted to build a "race car". Nonetheless I gutted the interior, removed a-lot of the trim, put a Paxton 2000 supercharger on it, got a generic SCT Tune emailed over to get to the dyno.. Grandpa ended up getting sick, dying got his truck. Wasn't practical to drive the car and life took a different turn having to move elsewhere....
Pulled supercharger alone off, sold it without the brackets/filter Ect. Sold the tuner. (reverted to factory tune before selling) sold injectors, big throttle body, Ect..

car still has supercharger brackets installed (I believe).. I should have the original bolts laying on the shelf and are included. (any spare parts I have are included)...

Mods on the car:
New organic clutch kit w/ TOB
Granatelli upper lower rear control arms (red)
Eibach Sportline springs
FRPP rotors F/R (surface rust)
Pypes O/R X pipe
MAC Cat-back 3.5" Tips
01' Cobra cluster (have to find that still)
Poly seats / slide brackets (red)
160* thermostat
royal purple oil w/ new filter
shock tower bar
can include some bolt on subframe connectors I took off of another car
New Coil in Plugs
New Plugs gapped at .034

I'm sure there was more, will list when i remember
repairs probably required:
I'm sure it will need tires from sitting around, has the Toyo proxy 4 245/45/17's
will probably need new calipers
may need new fuel pump
will need new injectors because I sold the 42# and cant find the old ones
probably new fuel filter which I have laying around
anything else you may need..
interior trim panels, removed radio / ac cluster to put in Florida 5.0 panel and autometer gauges (sold all that)
a battery
02 eliminators if you don't want CEL from O/R mid pipe

regardless looking for 7500$ because the car is in good condition besides the parts missing
has never seen rain, snow, and has low miles, they're going for 12-17k stock with these low miles
despite being owned by me (a child at the time) for 7000 miles, it was driven >3000 RPM most of the time, have done a 135 mph NA pass one time and 1 memorable burnout in the high-school parking lot.. Besides that, usually kept it slow.

pickup in West Seneca NY 14224
Please text / call (716)306-0924