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2000 Lightning 5.4L supercharged

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So, I bought a Totaled 2000 Ford lightning that runs etc... I've been Positioned by a very reputable Customer to stick the 5.4L Supercharged engine in his 1991 Z-28 Camaro...duh.gif No expenses Spared. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this done? I have a full service shop, And can fabricate anything.

Any of you guys have anything?
I could deal without the angry-mob.gif Im not the one who wants this. its for a customer that Pays lots of $$$$$$ for LOTS of stupid stuff.
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I will tell you this....That Iron Block 5.4 is going to be one Heavy, Wide and Very Tall Bullet to try and cram into that Bay!:gringreen
And you are going to go Nuts trying to adapt (Fabricate) a K Member W/Motor mounts for that Modular Ford Bullet, not to mention finding a Hood that will be able to Close with that thing crammed in there....
I know that your customer wants what he wants, but cant you talk him into one of the Million LS Bullets out there from GM?? I mean that would be a cinch to swap, as you could jam a cheap (Junkyard) 6.0 LS Truck Engine in there that will make just as much TQ as the 5.4 2V SCed Ford motor, and do it Naturally Aspirated........

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Unfortunetly he whats it to be as frankinstien as possible. And he already bought the engine and trany for $4000 so I could do it, the camaro already has a 4in cowl hood on it and every aftermarket Sunpro guage available... He is very serious about the FORD bit. facepalm.gif
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