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2000 Mustang GT A/C Issues

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Im having trouble tracking down exactly what is going on. When I turn on the A/C I get just air blowing out that is not cold. I assume I need to recharge the freon. So I bought the usual stuff from Autozone and Popped my hood. I noticed what I think is my "Tensioner " seems to try to engage or something. (See Video Below) but when I have the can of freon connected and the "tensioner" clicks the gauge reads that i have freon. and then it clicks again and the gauge reads 0. Now im not very car tech savvy but it seems the A/C Compressor its not kicking on. Here is a video to what im trying to explain:

Thank you for your time.
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Is the inside fan working and on high? If not, this will cause short cycling.

Otherwise likely the AC is short cycling because it's low on Freon. Either continue to allow it to fill or jump the AC low pressure switch to force it to run while re-filling.

It would be expected to see the pressure go up/down as the compressor cycles. The gauge reading zero does not mean no Freon.

If this does not make sense to you, strong consideration should be given to using a professional. If done incorrectly, AC work can be very dangerous. Reminder, when the AC system is working like it should, Freon does not leak out. So where did the Freon go? If the leak isn't found, then the Freon you are putting in will just leak out again. It will also take oil with it which may cause a compressor failure.
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The inside fan is working. Thanks very much for your response. I will take this to a shop and have someone look at it.
you may have a leak in your a/c. OR you may need to create a full vacuum in the a/c system THEN add the Freon to it. or the a/c clutch may be worn out and need replacement. unless you have the tools you will need to take it to a shop
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