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2000 mustang gt exhaust/cold air intake questions

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Hey guys I just bought a 2000 mustang gt. I want to start off by putting a new exhaust system and cold air intake. Any suggestions on what kind I should get?
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Welcome to the site!! I moved your thread for a better response.
Welcome to the forums!

Exhaust: Whichever one you think sounds the best. I owuld use youtube as a good source. They all net about the same gain in HP. I personally like the stright through muffler sound matched with an X-pipe (gives a more Raspy, Nascar sound).

CAI: Same thing as exhaust. Pick one you think looks the best and pull the trigger. Some claim JLT/Airraid give the most gains, but I think they all net about the same power when tuned. Some will also tell you to just buy an aftermarket filter and remove the rubber cone/silencer...i don't want to start a debate so I will tell you to just pick one you think looks good and buy it.
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Exhaust is all personal sound preference and will add some power. Same with the CAI - JLT and DeMolet are very good choices. Back in the early 2000's MM & FF did a monthly parts add to a 2002 Mustang GT. The removal of the air silencer did uncork a few extra horse believe it or not.
Thanks guys appreciate it!
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