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2000 Mustang GT Repair Manual & PDF Files

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I'm searching for repair/user manual PDF files detailing how to remove the center console and possibly the dash on a 2000 GT. Anyone know of a site that may have those files for viewing?
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I suggest you go try on Amazon site. That's the best book offered on your car. But you can only scan some pages on it in there. but if I were you, just purchase your repair manual online.
id suggest buying a haynes repair manual for every car you own you can get one at the local parts store.. will be a good investment
Same question, need a better answer?

Well, 3 years later and I am asking the same question. I ordered the Haynes manual this am but not quite sure that is going to answer my question. Right now I need to replace the bezel in the center console and don't see an easy way to get it out. I am not a mechanic but I want to learn how to work on this car. This will be a life long keeper.
I maybe able to help with Ford service manuals on DVD's. PM if interested.
center counsoul bezel.....Thats easy. Take out the radio, pop out the little pocket trey under the radio. I can't remeber the excact location but the bezel has a screw holding it to the dash sub-frame assembly. Its seems like it was behind the radio. I can't remember if their are other bolts or not and/or if you have to remove the center console just to remove the bezel. I have always been doing other things to the car that required a lot more to be taken off.......I just remember the screw behind the radio area being something that always tripped me up trying to get the bezel off. Sooo, keep in mind about that screw and remove all of the other obvious obstructions and you can pop it off.
help with manuals

I maybe able to help with Ford service manuals on DVD's. PM if interested.
I have a 2000 Conv, 3.8L, and I am replacing the front bumper and air bags. I would love to have a Ford OEM maintenance/repair manual. Please let me know if that might be available.

Thanks in advance.

The center stack bezel is very easy to remove. On mine, which is slightly different than 99-00 cars, you remove the shifter bezel first by simply unsnapping it, then just unsnap the center stack bezel. Whole thing takes about 20 seconds and the only tool you need is a flat screwdriver to pry up a ltlle on the shifter bezel.

+1 to getting a Haynes manual, and if all else fails go on and they have a pretty decent free online manual.
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