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2000 Mustang LED Tail Light Problem!

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Hoping for a little help;

I just installed a set of these LED tail lights on my 2000 GT. After installation, i have no park lamps. Cheched and foound 30 amp fuse under hood was blown. Replaced it and still no park lights front or rear. My question is; is there a fuse in the interior panel as well? None are marked as having anything to do with the park lamps, but cannot figure out why after replacing the big fuse under the hood they still don't work. Any help would be appreciated.
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I have those exact same tail lights and I love em! Unfortunately, I didn't have the same problem, my problem was with them blinking fast when using the turn signal.

I'm not sure if there is a fuse somewhere inside or not, check your manual and it should tell you. Couple questions though, do they work with the brakes and turn signals? The inner two columns(towards the middle of the car) of LED's shouldn't light at this time.

Check the fuse again and see if it's blown, if it is, there is a short in the system. Double check the connections, make sure they are seated properly in the connectors. There should be four connectors total. Two with three wires (one ground, one 12v for parking lamp and one 12v for brake/flash). Two with two wires, one for just lighting inner two columns for parking lights and one for reverse. Make sure the three wire ones are connected to the outermost plugs on the tail light assy. and that you don't have the the reverse and other two wire connecter crossed.

Do you get parking lamps on with the headlight on, or not at all? If this is the case, then it is probably the headlight switch in the dash board. Or possibly a relay although I'd be surprised if there is one for a parking lamp circuit. Again check the manual for that.

Well, I hope this helps, keep us updated and good luck!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you eightwins. How'd your troubleshooting go? To fix the fast blink you need to remove the factory flasher relay, it's under the driver's side dash above your OBD II port. It's a yellow square that attaches to a bracket up under there, just slide it up and off the bracket and then you can unplug it from the harness. Take it with you to the autoparts store and buy a TIMED or TIMER relay, make sure the pins match with the old relay (if not in quantity, but in placement/direction). The original Ford relay is a voltage based relay and the low voltage draw of the LEDs make it blink fast. This will solve the fast blink issue.

I am not sure if it will solve the parking light problem. I think the blinkers and the parking lights are a separate circuit. If you keep blowing fuses, it could be a short in your harness, or something wrong with the tail light assembly itself. Or perhaps your headlight switch. If you had no problems with the parking lamps before, I would think there may be an internal wiring issue with the new lights.

I will look when I get home from work tonight for the instructions, but I got the lights off of ebay and the instructions consisted of a picture with some badly translated english and some chinese. I may have tossed them though. I will also look for the packaging for the relay I bought to get you the manufacturer, part number, and description.
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