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2000 mustang lx convertible with 3.8 won't start.

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So.. I have spent a good few days trying to source out this problem with no avail.

I have a 2000 ford mustang, with a 3.8 liter engine parked in my garage, and as my summer car, I only start it ever couple of weeks. Unfortunately, It's winter and we have been in a serious cold snap.

So.. I have
- Keep the battery trickle charged between attempts
- checked all the fuses,
- checked for spark (which I have)
- changed the fuel filter
- I hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and did not get any pressure when I cranked the engine.
- there was no gasoline in any of the vacuum lines.
- I can hear the fuel pump engage when I turn the key.

- I have since put some heat through a propane heater into the garage in my last attempt to maybe thaw a frozen fuel line.

My thought is that it is a blocked line... Can anyone offer any other suggestions? I apologize if this is in any way a re-post, as I have already said, I have spent days searching and perusing the internet for insight into what is going on.
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Stupid question... Does it have gas? You changed the fuel filter did any gas drop out? Since you have no pressure and are you sure the pump wines when you turn the key over? If it indeed does then maybe your fuel strainer is clogged up with debris.. Get back to the post when you can and maybe some new information comes about or wmburns chimes in and helps you diagnose the issue.
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