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2000 Mustang V6 clutch adjustment

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Hey everyone. I just picked up a 2000 Mustang, 3.8L 5 speed. It has a new clutch with only a few hundred miles on it, but the pedal lets out real high. I've read a few threads, but I'm still unsure how to adjust it without buying a quadrant and firewall adjuster. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Its supposed to be adjustable by getting the car in neutral and pulling the pedal towards you.
mine is the same way, my clutch is 2 years oldish.
I think that the cable is stretched as there is not more adjustment to be had from the stock quad

so new cable or new quad and adjuster?
New FORD cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster. Those make a world of difference in the shifting and clutch feel on any Mustang.

I like the Maximum Motorsports kit myself.
I like the Maximum Motorsports kit myself.
Upgrade!! :bigthumbsup
I'm trying to avoid putting parts into this car since I probably won't be keeping it long. I saw a thread where I'm pretty sure it described taking the quadrant off and moving it a tooth. Does this make sense or would that be the same as pulling the pedal up?
I took a look at the quadrant and the pedal was already adjusted all the way up. The cable looked a little "loose" in the quadrant. So I pulled off the inspection cover and sure enough the cable is stretched. Looks much easier to change on this then it was on my 87, though.
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