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2000 mustang v6 engine shaking

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today i was changing the clutch, presure-plate,flyweel, clutch release fork, and fork pivot of my car. After i put everithing back on, i was planning test the car and see how all the new parts work. The problem is that the engine stared shaking when i turned it on. It shakes when idle or running. if i increase speed still shakes but a bit less.I have new spark plugs and wires(7 month old), motor and trasmition mounts(6 month old), PVC and EGR valve(2 month old), IACV cleaned 3 weeks aggo. I dindt have this problems before. I ordered the clutch, presure-plate and flywheel from autoparts, and the clutch fork realase and pivot from ebay. Anyone can give some advise here plz.
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You probably have one cylinder that's not firing. Check the plugs and high voltage connections.
Did you get the correctly balanced flywheel?
In mid '00 they switched from externally balanced to internally balanced.

If you car is mid '00+ you need to check and see if the weight is removed. Most stores sell the flywheel with the counter weight attached and you have to remove it before installing.
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i was thinking(hopping) about the not working cylinder coz i dont wanna think that i bought the wrong balanced flywheel, i dont think i did coz advance autoparts only have 2 listed flywheels for my car and they look pretty much alike to me
Advance Auto Parts: Clutch Parts -=

.. im gonna check the spark plugs and wires and i'll post back. i dunno what tipe of balanced flywheel i have. i still have the old one, so how do i check. thanks for the help
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yep, u r right Redlyr. I checked every single possibility that can cause that problem and everything was ok. I made i mistake when i ordered the flywheel, the right flywheel should arrive in 2 days. Mine is Internally balanced engine.
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