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2000 mustang v6 transmission issue

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I have just bought a 2000 mustang it drove and shifted perfect one dy the next day I went to drive it I put the car into drive and it didn't move till I hit the gas after that it drives flawless it only does this the wheni put it in drive from park neutral or reverse I know the last owner neglected to use the correct fluid what could be any help would be greatly appreciat
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have you checked to see if the fluid is low??
Yes I checked it. It was in the proper range I might just drain the converter and pan and filter with mercon v. any ideas or tips?
2000 v6 mustang transmission issue

Ok update changed out all 14 quarts and new filter in transmission.still had dust cap in pan rand better for a mile or so after change and now I have no forward gears I hear a hair of whine when I put it in drive Ive tried everything I can think of. insight needed thanks in advance.
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Did you make sure the old filter's o-ring was out before installing the new filter? If the old o-ring is still in there, the new filter can drop out, leading to no volume (lack of lube will make pump whine) and no pressure(no pressure = no gears).
Yes I got the old o ring out the pump does whine in drive but I have reverse good and strong
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