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2000 Mustang will not Start but will Cranks

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I have a 2000 Ford Mustang, 3.8 engine. The positive battery cable was loose and had intermitent power to the car, I had to wiggle the wire and was able to start the car. I drove it home to issue at all, went out the next morning and it would not start. I checked schrader valve and was unable to get any fuel to come out. I have checked the inertia switch and it is down, all fuses have been checked and are all operational. I replaced the Positive connection and all wires are now secure/tightened. I can crank the car however it will not turn over, this evening after about 10 trys the battery began to get weak, and placed on charge. The Theft light comes on while trying to crank but does not flash, I did the diagnostic test with the car on the mileage screen, however no fault codes came up. I believe it is a PATS error or issue with the keys, how can I rule out the Fuel Pump
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It's important to note that's possible for a marginally charged battery to cause a crank with no start. Bottom line, today's cars require a strong battery and charging system.

However, the fuel pump should run for a few seconds at initial key on regardless of what PATS does. Please review the following for more information on how to trouble shoot a crank with no start.

Also recommend re-checking the fuses as well as the battery connection, battery ground, and the main connection to the battery junction box (BJB). Don't cut corners on the basics. This could save you a ton of frustration.
If you have checked the fuel line and are not getting any fuel to the injectors. I would listen for the fuel pump as you turn the ignition on. If you Herat the fuel
Pump I would check the fuel filter as well.
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