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2000 v6 base model Fog Light install

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Has anyone ever cut out the small fog light plastics in the bumper and put actual fog lights in a base model? Cant find anything that has been done. If so, is there a wiring harness that is hidden or will i have to buy one?



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Cutting out the plastic is very easy. Most of these cars have all of the wires in the dash, but you have to add everything under the hood. I used a OEM Ford kit to do mine. The after market kits hook up different and some don't work with the headlight switch.
Dont buy a new bumper. Just take a razor to it and cut those plastic pieces off straight. Save yourself the $600. Also you will have to buy a lot of stuff for it. Or just wire it in with the headlights like i would but use a relay. The headlight switch runs the coil side of the relay and 12v to the switch side. Thats what i would do.

Even the fuse box will have to be modified if you did a kit since if your car did not have fogs prior then the only harness is the foglight switch plug, but nothing else is there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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