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Hi all, have been having a repetitive problem in my 2000 Mustang (123k miles). It first happened about 2-3 months ago when I was out in town. After I filled up at a gas station the car started to sputter and seemed to have trouble with power from the gas pedal. I still managed to drive it a bit but only made it to the light at the intersection and the car died. Had to be towed to the garage. One week later, got the car back with new fuel pump, filter, lines, etc.

Car worked fine for a few weeks, but then it became hard to start up. When turning the key, it would take 5 seconds to start up and was a bit worrisome. Eventually I called the garage, dropped it off, and once again, they replaced the fuel pump for me. Luckily, they only charged labor.

It's been another few weeks now and the car is having the trouble starting up, so I'm suspecting the fuel pump is going for a third time. Thing is, once I have the car started and running it seems to run well, and has no issues with driving it.

Is there anything anyone knows of that can keep causing the fuel pump issue? A friend mentioned that if you have a pump that isn't OEM for the 2000 mustang installed, it will keep having this issue? Any truth to that? Thanks!
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