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2000 v6 mustang misfire "not normal Problem"

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Okay, my v6 160000 mile mustang is misfiring really badly. It was driving perfectly fine, no prob at all and then I took it to get it smog-ed. After I PASSED the smog, the tech came up to me told me I have bad misfire and it will coast 90$ to diagnosis it. Thinking my car was fine I said no, and I wanted to talk to my dad. Then got in the car and it barley made it home. Sounds like there is a massive vacuum leak but their is no leak. Its not the coil, not the wires, not the spark plugs, not the injector, not the HO2 sensors, not EGR valve. The only 2 codes it was tripping is P0306 is a misfire in cylinder 6, and a couple of times a P0113. Now its still acting the same but no code is tripped..... HEEELLLPPP what did they do to my car????
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OK what kind of a test did they do??? Did they run the car on a DYNE?? If they did they lunched your motor for shure. But if they did an obd2 scan for monitors they did not. My gut feeling is they messed you car UP badly. Scan for codes and post back. Po306 is cyl 6 as you pointed out. I would check compression and my gut feeling is the cylinder is in distress. Do you have any recourse to have them fix the car. They wacked it out and handed you the keys. Man their would be KNUCKLES FLYING on that one. What did the supervisor of the place say. Or for that matter the owner of the place. I would confront him and start asking questions. Goos luck DUDE.
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Ok po113 is an intake air charge sensor. Po306 is a miss on plug or cylinder 6. How can a car pass emissions and then cant be driven??? They messed something UP. I would confront the DUDE that tested the car. He definaterly did something WRONG. Call his BOSS and complain. He probably messed up one of the sensors or over revved the engine. What type of test did they DO. ?????
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Hey guys

Well I have no idea which test, im sitting here looking at the paper and the only things it might be is ASM, VIR but im not sure. And the owner/manager or whatever was standing next to us and listening to the whole conversation so i don't think going to him would help. I filed a complaint with BAR but still need to get it fixed now, cause you know those agencies will take for ever. That is what I want to freaking know, how did it pass, and what the hell did they do. ARRRGGGGG Before like I said the only code was misfire in cy 6, then only like 3 times the p0113. Now its acting the same way but no code. Oh ya and on the way home, it would almost die sputtering going up a small hill and "service engine soon light" would flash, then stop but I didnt have the scanner with me. Then I tried to get it back up and no codes........:cursing:
Thanks guys for the help.....
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That is certainly ridiculous. Sadly, since you drove it home I could see them saying that an engine with that many miles it was only a matter of time. It just happened to go when you pulled out.

So make sure you have your ducks in a row when you get your fight started. Good luck :bigthumbsup
P0113, is intake air temperature sensor high input.
that means the sensor is reading an extreme temperature, either low or high.
if it is stuck reading a false high temperature, the pcm will adjust the fuel trim LEAN.
if it is stuck reading a false low temperature, the pcm will adjust the fuel trim very rich.
(the temperature is not dictated to be high/low based on the DTC being a high-input code or a low-input code.)

unplug the IAT sensor.
disconnect the battery.
now, you need to reset the fuel trims back to 0%. 2 ways to do this, decide whats easier for you:
-a.disconnect neg battery terminal, turn the headlamp switch to on.
-b. disconnect neg and pos terminals, and touch them together.
reconnect the battery.
leave the IAT unplugged, and go for a drive. see if the problems persist.
if not, replace the IAT.
if yes, we'll have to dig deeper into it.

another thing you need to do, is wait until the P0306 & P0113 codes return, and check the freeze frame data.

short term and long term fuel trims. STFT & LTFT. on both banks. (example, B1LTFT & B2LTFT)
intake air temperature.

short term fuel trims operate on a scale of -50% to +50% (-)value being rich, (+) value being lean.
long term fuel trims operate on a scale of -25% to +25% (-)value being rich, (+) value being lean.
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