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2001 Bullitt GT throwout bearing

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Okay so my throwout bearing needs to be replaced. My first question is if its really worth doing right away, or should I just wait until my clutch wears out and replace the whole kit then?

The clutch grabs right off the floor as it is, just a little noisy, and stiff as heck...its a stage 2

as for my other mods:

Stage 2 clutch (not sure if its the whole kit or not)
Stage 2 comp cams
BBK cold air intake
Tremec pro race transmission (not sure which one)
Short throw shifter
3.75 gears

I was looking around for clutch kits and they are super pricy..especially for a stage 2 kit, and even stage 1...

Since I would have to have the whole transmission dropped, I figured it would be a good idea to replace the whole kit and change the transmission fluid at the same time, but since its already going to be sooo expensive, I'm starting to question whether or not I should get another whole kit, or just replace the throwout bearing...And if I was to get a whole new kit, do I even need a stage 2, or would I be fine with stage 1?

Thanks a bunch!
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I wouldn't wait too long as a bad tob can wear down your input shaft and then will need to replace it as well and You're car would be fine with a stage 1 clutch kit also.
So you think I should get a whole kit then?
Eventually the bad tob will cause issues beyond the noise. When mine went out it started out of course as just a little noise, and eventually began to sound like a Pterydactl giving birth to an elephant. When the noise got to that point (which took about a year) the clutch pedal had a ratchety feel to it and started being difficult to engage and disengage the clutch and change gears.

At that time the car had 82K on it so I just opted to replace everything. The clutch disc still had about 40-50% left on it at that point.

Since you are dealing with so many unknown's, I would replace everything. Do it once, do it right, and all but guarantee that you won't have any further issues with it for a long time.

You can do a Stage 1 clutch, most of them are good to near 400 hp. I ended up going with a Spec stage 1 and it's been good; pretty much identical pedal feel/effort to stock and a little grabbier than stock.

You will also want to get a new cable along with an aftetmarket quadrant and firewall mounted cable adjuster. The factory adjustment mechanism doesn't adjust correctly for most aftermarket "performance" clutches, and there are plenty of stories out there of people who burnt up a new clutch as a result of not replacing that particular item.
Okay thanks, what I'll probably end up doing is buying the kit and the cable and then just have the garage install it for me, I'm not going to try and do that one on my own.
How much should I be looking to spend on a stage 1 clutch kit?
They run about $250-ish for most brands.
Got it, are the exedy mach 350's pretty good, they are going for 185 on, plus free shipping...the cable kit is 99.99 I think...
Also, I have another question that is kind of unrelated, since the installation involves access to the transmission, I was going to have my fluid changed as well, the problem is I'm not quite sure what tremec I have (it was installed before I bought it), do most tremecs take the same fluid, and is there an easy way to find out. The guy I bought it from said it was a "pro race", which doesn't mean anything to me...
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