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2001 e brake light turning on and off

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At about 0-20 e-brake light is turns on then at 20 turns off but if you step on it the light turns on again. My e-brake is disengaged. Brake fluid is fine. I notice a slight smell of something burnt towards the rear driver side tire. Would this mean that my brake is engaged and stuck? If so how do I get it unstuck?
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Just wondering. Any drink spills in the center console area?

My recommendation. Start by removing the left rear tire and performing a visual inspection.

If you just want a WAG, here's mine. Rear axle shaft seal leak. The gear oil is running down the disk brakes and has contaminated the brake pads causing the brakes to drag.
Do what ^ said but I don't think that would cause the light to come on. There should be a switch around the e-brake lever that gets pushed when you pull the lever up. check to make sure it's working properly.
In addition to the above, know that that lamp is triggered by only 2 things that I know of. The fluid level sensor in the reservoir and the parking brake switch.

You mentioned an adequate level of fluid present in the reservoir, so I would concentrate your initial efforts on the switch.
The red e-brake light is only triggered by 2 things like SoCal2V stated above. Try unplugging the fluid level sensor in the brake master cylinder as this is a quick test to see if the issue goes away. If the brake fluid in the master cylinder is dark or dirty I would highly recommend changing it out as dirty brake fluid will also cause these brake level sensors to malfunction. Of course just sucking the fluid out of the master cylinder and adding new fluid is not changing it all. When you get the old fluid out of the master cylinder and add new fluid I would then go around to each wheel and have someone help you bleed the whole brake system and get the old fluid out of the rest of the lines and hoses. During this time you can check out the condition of your brake and make sure you dont have a bad caliper or brake hose on the rear causing the tire to drag.

Hopefully this helps. I changed my fluid on my 03 GT and put new calipers, hoses, rotors and pads on the front and new rotors and pads on the rear. Changing out the brake fluid helps prolong the life of your other brake system components.
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