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2001 Mustang 3.8L window problems, switch, relay, or motor

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I have a 2001 3.8 L coupe the window was having previous failures where it would go down but not up. I found that if i pressed the button very hard it would go up, but now it doesn't do that even when I hit the switch when outside the door. Could someone please tell me if they had this problem and what was the fix? Also does anyone know what wires i have to connect to bypass the switch and jump it manually to ensure that the motor is still good. When I press the down button I hear the relay engage so I don't think that is the problem. Please help it is going to rain in about 1 hour
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dude, it's the switch..
my post wasnt directed at any of you guys, just the OP.

anytime you press really hard on the switch or wiggle it back and forth and it starts working, 99% of the time the switch is the culprit.
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