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2001 Mustang Cobra, Flowmaster 40 or 50 series

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I have a 01 cobra with a BBK x pipe and stock mufflers. Its sounds like it has glass packs on it and it hate that sound. I saw somewhere the its the x pipe doing it and a h pipe would sound better. What I want to know is would a 40 of 50 series flowmaster clean up the sound? I dont want to change the BBK. Is there a way around it? How do 50's sound with no cats? Thanks guys:worship
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I had an 87 GT, and went with the 40 series(american Thunder) they sound so much different than he 50 series. lso Dynomnax has a new mufflet VET I believe they are called. The have a flap inside the muffler that keeps the sound tame, but when you mash the throttle they go wide open, Summiy and Jegs have them right now for 99.00 per muffler with a 25.00 rebate. so they only cost you 74.00. Check the out. :bigthumbsup
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I think the super 44's would sound the best with an offroad x, the 50 series are a 3 chamber muffler so they probably sound weak and 40's will sound better with a h pipe.
its a combo of the X pipe and no cats...

id change to an H pipe from BBK and go flowmaster cat back, thats what i have and it sounds so soooo amazing:bigthumbsup
h pipe or X, they don't sound much different...
The lack of cats is the cause of the noise...try a hi flow catted H and some 40 flows for a good sound
from what i have heard with my ears they sound pretty different..

maybe i pay more attention to detail then others though? hmm:)
YouTube - Magnaflow & H pipe vs Flowmaster & X pipe on cammed mustang
I think it's the mufflers that make most of the sound differences...this vid is cool
YouTube - Cobra
Here's mine, BBK long tubes, BBK hi flow catted H and 40 flows...stock tail pipes.
It cruises fairly quietly but sounds great at WOT
check out Smokey and the bandit while you're at car movie of all time

heres ours..bbk lt`s,bbk or x,flow 40

269k,,,go 03 cobras

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2many. ya i have the same basic set up! but i have a full flowmaster catback system. ya that sounds almost exactly like mine!
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