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2001 mustang gt loses power after it warms up

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I just installed a new fuel pump and filter on my mustang and it ran fine for 3 months. now after the engine warms up I lose power and it stalls out when I slow down. could this be a vacum leak or is it somthing else?
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Is the Check Engine Light on?
yes its for the gas cap but the gas cap light hasnt come on.
and I just droped the tank to check if any of the line were kinked but none of them were
Are you sure that's all it's on for? Have you had the codes pulled since this problem became bad? And what is the actual code or codes that are displaying?
I also went out and bought a new cap from the dealer and it still came back on. It idles fine and it will rev no problem when its in park but when I put it in gear and drive a couple miles I'll start to lose power when i try to accelerate the engine pretty much dies until i take my foot off the gas
yea I brought it to autozone and they told me that it was for the gas cap or the air lines, but I didnt even think about getting the codes at the time because I thought that i just kinked one of the lines
Get the actual codes and post them. It sounds like you may have some other problems in the evap system instead of the gas cap.
I wont be able to make to autozone its a good 11 miles away
could there be blockage
It could be anything at this point.
I'll go get the codes tomorow and let you know
thanks for the help
It comes up with codes p0301 p0302 p0313 and it also say misfire fuel comp catylist evap 02 sensor 02 htr egr
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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