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2001 Mustang GT trans question

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My trans (I think it's a T50) keeps popping out of second gear. I've seen posts that say to adjust the shifter stop but I don't see one on the shifter. It only pops out of second. Is there an adjustment and if so, where is it?
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I had my T5 pop out of second and soon after, it would not even go into second. I rebuilt it and it turned out that the second gear synchros were badly worn. My bet would be that your synchros are on their way out.
Your car has either a T45 or TR3650; there were several minor changes that occurred midway through the 2001 model year, transmission being one of them. Look at the decal on the driver door jamb, transmission code ("TR") K is for a TR3650 trans. I dunno what the one for T45 is, but if the decal says something other than "K" then I guess it's self explanatory.

As far as it popping out of gear on it's own that's generally not a good thing. Do you have an aftermarket shifter on there? The stock shifter does not use stop bolts. Aftermarket ones that do use stop bolts, if it were misadjusted as to cause the shifter to pop out of gear then it would also be difficult to get it into gear. They use two stop bolts, one on the top (gears 1, 3, 5) and one on bottom (gears 2, 4, R). If either bolt is incorrectly adjusted it will effect the use of all 3 gears.

My crystal ball says you will at some point in time looking for a new transmission or having your current one rebuilt.
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Sounds like a synchro problem. New or rebuild is in your future.

If you do have stops on your ahifter and it is a TR3650 then remove them from the shifter. The TR3650 has internal stops negating the need for stops on a shifter...just an fyi...
Thanks for the trans replies

Found out it is a T-45 with the factory shifter. Was hoping for an easy fix but, (lol) never seems to be the case. While looking around underneath though, I did find the trans to cross member bolts were loose so it wasn't a total loss. Appreciate the help guys.
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