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2001 Mustang GT

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Hey there everybody! I'm both new to this forum and to the wonderful world of Mustangs. I bought my daughter a convertible Sebring last Thanksgiving and fell in love with the open-air feel of driving (on those rare occasions when she'd "let" me drive) with the top down. I knew I just had to have a rag top. I held off for financial reasons for almost a year then got hit over the summer with what one might call a "bad case of mid-life crisis-itis" and went out Saturday and bought me a used, 2001 Mustang GT convertible, 69000 miles, very good condition, silver. I've attached a picture of me in my new baby on the car lot. I'm getting 2 new tires and a repair to the top and it'll be ready for pick up by Wednesday. I can hardly wait! For what it's worth - I've been driving an Astro Conversion Van since 1999 carting my 4 daughters to dance classes for what feels like forever and I feel that it's about time I did something nice for me! If that's what defines a mid-life crisis, I'm all for 'em!! ;-)

I have a lot to learn about my new pony and any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated.

I'll probably not pimp it up too terribly much (at least not right away) but I do want to get a trip computer (e.g., miles per gallon, miles till empty, speed, etc). I'm looking at the ScanGuage II. Anyone have any experience with this with their mustang? Any other models I should look at? The $170 price tag is cool with my pocket book but it's kind of dorky looking.

We'll I'm going to peruse the web site and see what's out there.

See you later!



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Welcome to the site:bigthumbsup
Welcome to AFM!
Thanks! I'm really looking forward to getting my pony this week and getting connected with fellow enhusiasts. :yelpleased:
Welcome aboard the site.:winks
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