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I have a 2001 mustang that I'm about to turbocharge, I've heard about lot of people say that our blocks can handle alot, even one guy with like 600 horsepower or something, but I'm just going for a little more. I've heard you can run 4.4 pounds of boost on the stock injectors and fuel pump and about 11 on a new pump and injector set. Does anybody know where I can find a set of injectors and fuel pump and what size I'll need for 10 lbs of boost? Also any other tidbits of help would be great on turboing this thing. I've got 2 td04 subaru turbos and I'm going to make custom manifolds. I'll keep posting new pics as I go along. Thanks for reading and any help you may offer, I've been a long time reader, but just joined like 20 mind ago lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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