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2001 SVT Cobra Supercharger

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I am planning to put a supercharger on my car this winter as a winter project the motor is stock right now as in fact the whole car is. My 2001 cobra does have the stronger teskid block in it as it was made in the early part of 01 before the switch to the WAP block. With this information i would like to hear a few ideas that you guys have on what my options are and what is best the best brand of supercharger is. I am leaning toward Procharger right now because it comes as a complete kit but am open to opinions! i am thinking of being in the neighborhood of 450 to 500 horsepower with this upgrade. Thanks for your information and if there is anyone out there who has done this before let me know all of the upgrades and parts you needed that would be appreciated. Thanks!
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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