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2001 v6 air condition problem

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hey all having an issue with my 2001 mustang the air cond. compressure quit working this morning clutch is not kicking in replaced both the low side pressure switch and the cycle switch still wont kick the clutch in. ran a wire from the battery to the blue and yellow wire at the compressor clutch kicks on like it should . didnt think it would be the compressure or it wouldnt ingage
checked with gauges after kicking the compressure was 52 on the low side and 121 on the high side according to my gauges. i think im overlooking something but dont know what any help would be appreciated

thanks rick
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Seems like a rash of AC and CCRM problems. Have responded to a ton of relaated threds regarding trouble shooting CCRM issues. Search on my posts.

Perform all tests in order.

Confirm there are no outstanding DTC codes. Some DTC codes will disable the AC.

Confirm power to the engine bay AC pressure fuse. Confirm means more that just "look at it".

Confirm there is +12 volts to the VT wire of the low pressure switch with the key on and the AC mode control set to AC.

If no power, Fuse F2.23 is bad or the AC/heat mode controller is bad.

If power, confirm there is +12 volts to the High pressure switch DG/OG.

If no power, the high pressure switch is bad.

Measure the key off resistance of the CCRM pin #15 (BK/WH). Should be low. Post. If not, STOP and find out why.

Confirm there is +12 volts to the CCRM pin #12 (RD) with the key on. If no power, check fuse F2.2.

Ground the CCRM pin #22 (PK/YE) wire. The clutch should kick in. If not, the CCRM is bad.

Recommend a re-man unit from your local autoparts store.
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