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2001 v6 air condition problem

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hey all having an issue with my 2001 mustang the air cond. compressure quit working this morning clutch is not kicking in replaced both the low side pressure switch and the cycle switch still wont kick the clutch in. ran a wire from the battery to the blue and yellow wire at the compressor clutch kicks on like it should . didnt think it would be the compressure or it wouldnt ingage
checked with gauges after kicking the compressure was 52 on the low side and 121 on the high side according to my gauges. i think im overlooking something but dont know what any help would be appreciated

thanks rick
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Great info. I will hold onto this as well.....:bigthumbsup

I didn't know how to run the test either. It seems our cars lack A/C units......
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