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2002 Convertoble top leaks in the corners! Some tips on what to do?

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hey I have a 2002 Ford Mustang Convertible, that i bought april 1st of this year. I've noticed that the top leaks when it rains. I believe that i seeps in through the corners and i need some help on how I can stop this leak, or tips on what i should do???

Also i was wondering how much does a brand new top with a heated glass run for??? if anyone can help please reply!
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Very common problem on the Convertible Mustang. What happens is the fabric fatigues where the top bends right at the window. Repeated opening/closes flexes the fabric at the same spot over and over. A tiny pin hole is the results.

I personnally had this same issue. Tried multiple times to patch it. My basic problem was that the patch had to endure the same bending forces as the original top. However, I was never able to get good enough access to apply a proper fix.

I figured if the top had to come off for the repair, might as well replace it.

A new rear wind screen is not really all the $$. It's the labor to remove and install.

The general vibe I got was that the job was difficult and required skills much like an upholstery installer. Not one of my strong suits.

In the end I had a professional install a new rear wind screen. The other change I made was to pick and choose when I opened the top. I figured there are only so many lifes in the top and each use takes one away.
Grasshooper. Yes ONLY the screen can be replaced. That's what makes that option so much more palatable than replacing the entire top.

You need to confirm if the top is leaking or the rear wind screen is leaking before making a real decision.

Regarding use of a recycled top. I'm a huge fan of recycled autoparts. I wouldn't touch this one with a 20' pole.


Because this is such a COMMON problem that any salvage yard part is likely to have the same issue. Besides, the cost is in the labor. Price out NEW parts and you will see for yourself.

My vote, is if the top is replaced, replace the wind screen at the same time.

If the top is OK, and the wind screen is leaking, replace just the wind screen.
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only personal preference.
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