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2002 GT convertible flooding in back floorboard??

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Finally we have gotten some much needed rain here in Austin, however, my car does not seem to like it. This morning when I got in my car I noticed a musky smell and found that the floor behind the driver seat had a pool of water in it... WTF?? is there something up with these convertibles that I should be aware of? I've washed the car a few times and have never even noticed a drop of water inside the car afterwards... and I checked all windows and nothing was cracked...

any ideas???
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Here's one for you, and I would never have guessed it.

My daughter bought a Japanese brand car brand-new in the last year. Got water behind the driver's seat. Shop couldn't find it the first time. Eventually was found to be the trunk weatherstripping was incorrectly installed at the factory and let water pool at the lowest point it could follow - behind the driver's seat. She got another vehicle from the dealer in the end. Go look at the trunk, just a suggestion.
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